Talking about Government Cash Cows…

I was reading an article posted on talking about the cash cows that the Congress refuses to touch even to give the taxpayers some relief in this economy. The cash cows of the government are: Pentagon (the military might), Social Security/Medicare, and the “American Dream” subsidy.

Considering what the economy needs at this point is to have some tax relief, after all, the next generation will be paying higher taxes because we can’t pay those taxes in this economical environment these days. I am surprised to find that the military budget is a whopping $664 billion dollars and their spending habits are as bad as the Congress. The “American Dream” subsidy, since when was the American Dream an actuality? This subsidy allows loopholes in terms of home buying, through tax deductions on interest payments and any kind of house whether it be a first, second or etc home with a mortgage up to a million dollars is eligible. Umm…

You begin to wonder why we’re losing out on fiscal opportunities that would stabilize the economy; however, I would like to direct focus on the Social Security/Medicare as it is equally as bad as the Pentagon and the American Dream.

We have heard over the last few years that the Social Security funds will be reduced due to the Baby Boomer generation turning older. “Social Security isn’t a fiscal black hole – yet. But soon it will be. Retiring baby boomers who insist on living longer are pushing the $700 billiion program into the red. By 2015, the program will spend more on benefits thatn it brings in through payroll taxes, and by 2037, it will require benefit cuts of 22% to stay solvent”.  This is not news, nor is this new news, “Most of the 53 million Americans who collect Social Security are senior citizens, after all, and seniors happen to be the most reliable voters. (The rest are disabled or survivors of deceased recipients).”

I am in support of getting rid of Medicare and Medicaid. Perhaps it is necessary for those who have deservedly paid into the program through their social security benefits through their paychecks. Social Security needs to be revamped (and won’t be the first time, the last time was 1983). However, I would like to direct your focus on the sentence at the last of the quote, between the parenthesis…the rest are disabled or survivors of deceased recipients.

Therein lies the problem. I found out in college that children and spouses could obtain SS benefits when the head of the household passes. Now, I don’t see the problem with the spouse receiving the benefits, but children, over the age of 18? Ehh, akin to a spoiled rich child who does not work because their parents have the wealth for them not to. I know a few people who are sincere in their purpose for a college degree and obtain a job after college. That is a rarity.

Some people with disabilities have valid reasons why they are entitled to the SS benefits; however, a majority of those with disabilities have the capability to hold a job. Most of them are not encouraged to do so or most have the choice of working or getting SS benefits (without working for it), most choose not to because it is easy to just lay back and get some funds at the taxpayers expense.

For those who do actually want to work, they are forced to have SS benefits because the working world does not hire them. You probably think it’s baloney but honestly, where I work and the community I live in, I do know what I am talking about. The numero uno reason for not hiring is whatever the person’s disability is creates a barrier for the employer. Odd.

If the person has the skill and experience, willingness to learn and adapt, despite that disability, why is that a barrier?  It is either ignorance or excuses. Most of the time, it would be ignorance. What employers do not realize is that they can ask for what type of accommodations will be needed (provided the person with disability does not abuse that privilege of working with the employer). Sometimes it takes compromise, resources and mere brainstorming to provide solutions to those barriers.

Let’s deal with the fact that people who are deaf or hard of hearing, their main factor in not being able to work is communication. Depending on the type of job, it can go from gesturing to paper/pen to an interpreter. If you want to ensure that all of your employees are given the same information, have an interpreter. Deaf and Hard of hearing folks almost always get their information after the meeting and can be modifiable to just good enough. Really it all boils down to communication, once the employer refuses to communicate, there’s no chance of being hired. I have had people come up to me with those stories and honestly, only 3% of those cases are actually being fought on through ligation or court.

Goes back to point – to keep the Social Security afloat or solvent longer than the anticipated date, improve the economical situation and just simply have a better life, get rid of “medical” or “social” perspectives that say people with disabilities should not live or work or whatnot because we are here. Some of us want to work, make a living off that and pay into the SS benefits, which will reciprocate in the distant future and basically make a world a better place to be. Some of us have skills, college education, open minds, adapters, willing to break down barriers through whatever resources there are, it is not impossible to find those people and hire them.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Humans thrive on making everything but fear something to fear. So change the fear that is disabling and do what you can do for your country.

On a side note, if you want a national health care…what is Medicare/Medicaid doing in the picture? It is a well known fact that wars do pull in money but this time, it ain’t helping the economy. If you are a voter, share your concerns with your legislators (representatives) at the state and national levels. If you do not vote, what you say to your legislators will go unheard.



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