I have yet to create a vlog (video log similar to blog) about another pet peeve of mine.

Identity: as adults it is a better idea to ask how one identifies self.  We all stereotype; I believe is unqiue to the human species, no matter what, who or why. Blacks and Deafies do the same within their culture.

Hence is why we are sensitive to our identity, we are assigned the identity label from birth or recognition of diference. Society bestows us identity without the development of the ‘meat’ of self.

I can passbly speak at an equivalent of an average hearing person, never mind my accent. It does not make me hard of hearing. I am severely-profoundly deaf and identitfy myself as Deaf. Darn proud of myself!  Many deaf do not have that opportunity to appreciate self because of the stigmata (mostly myths) that comes with being Deaf.

Yet see, being Deaf is not my only identity. Identity is a fluid character of being a human. You could also have 2 or more identities at a given time.  I am a woman, daughter, sister, a nature lover, a mother, wife, bilingual speaker and so on. All that is an embodiment of self, me who is a basic human.

Identity needs the body to hold its essence; therefore, the understanding and development of self depends largely on the fluid environment one lives in. Society’s “rules” are an intrusion on the concept of self, its incessant need for conformity. Denial to unique diversity will stunt the growth of self, identity acknowledgement and accepting of others identities regardless of stereotypical attitudes.

You may then ask, should not being Deaf be a driving force of my self identity?  It only plays a supporting role, it has allowed me to experience life as it was given to me; its good times, bad times and everything in between. It does not define my identity; yet has a dominant role in the myriad identities I possess.

In essence, never assume my identity if not clearly stated. Always ask and avoid stereotypical behaviors and attitudes. 


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