America – a “melting pot”? HA!

Call me a traitor to America and its ideals, I do not care!  Me be a traitor the human race and its place in nature? Never.

Historically, America has been called a melting pot because of her immigrants, which the doors have been open to since the 1600’s. Let me tell you that diversity is skewed in America. Oddly, I just thought now…the doors have been open to Europeans. Latinos from Mexico are shut out, Cubans thrown out to sea and Africans were originally brought here to the Americans through slavery. The worst thing…

Moving the Native Indians further west, claiming land that “God” has given them. I am 99.9 percent European so why would I be complaining? If America is truly a melting pot…should not we have a diverse range of languages and the creole languages that come from that merging? Should not all cultures be celebrated nationally?  French was lost to my family only 2 generations ago, German and Polish the same. I find myself extremely disappointed that immigrants are willing to move to the U.S. for the “American” Dream and sacrifice their languages and cultures just to conform with the English speaking supremacists.

I remember reading about 10 years ago about a man who speaks multi languages advocating for a monolingual society. I found that shocking. Why bother learning many languages if you prefer a monolingual society?

Despite my family losing their ancestral languages, I remain a bilingual person. Okay you think, what’s the point? Spanish? Nope (I would prefer be immersed in French or Polish than Spanish, no offense Latino community, I appreciate your Spanish language! Aqua plus a few words not worth mentioning… *chuckles*, typical eh?)

I use American Sign Language, a natural language in its own right. Not only just a natural language, it is also a civil and human peer with other languages, spoken or signed. You could stand and watch a group of people sign ASL but not get 98 percent of what is being signed. The same can be said for trying to lip read people’s spoken language when 40% or less can be comprehensible. Try listening to different accents. Heck, when are y’all going to realize that American English will be diverse from East to West and North to South?

If I could type how Easterners speak – I think my brain will be cluttered trying to type as fast as they speak, try Southerners who of course claim they won the War Between the States (which personally I believe was a lose-lose, with only two accomplishments – emancipation and the abolishment of slavery as a trade) where they have words that differ from the North; goodness me, even in sign language too! Now the West… certainly more diverse compared to the East, after all the Easterners drove the Indians west….Asians came and so on on on on….

The true American melting pot we need to look deeply into are the Native Indians. Now they are awesome people that did not deserve the treatment forced up on them (if you kids are going to bring up war, we would not be animals if we did not have war). History shows that there are different ‘nations’ of tribes and they happened to be bilingual most of the time… ehh, what? No! (Did I mention that I am .01 Indian? Perhaps why I cannot be fooled by typical Americans, generally speaking). How in the heck did they communicate with other nations if they do not share a common language…oh I answered that question…they did share a common language, their intra-national language, separate from their tribal language.

Anyway, the difference between recognition, acceptance and use of language means nothing but a penny that tax payers pay on. It looks the same to everyone. Those American English speaking/monolingual supremacists look on destroying everything that humans survive on, yes even American humans.

Humans will never be God – please read the Tower of Babel – God values diversity and science supports that!


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