People, people….people.

I enjoyed Sunday at Michigan City with family and friends. It was certainly hot, the sand hotter than the air, whoo!  I think one of my toes is happy with the heat as it does not hurt anymore.

There was only one thing to mar the day, yes, littering. We went into the water, found various items that are dangerous to the wildlife; plastic bags, fabrics and plastic bottles to name a few. Not only is it dangerous for wildlife, its also dangerous for children and adults. One can drown or be trapped by litter.

Almost no one picked up their litter, fortunately for my group, we had trash bags ready, for the trash cans provided by MC park was full and I did not see if any workers emptied the cans. I am sure the workers were faced with a littered beach, after last night’s fireworks.

Some will say “my taxes go into keeping the park clean”, while many will remain ignorant (and do not teach their kids responsibility) and a few keep their areas clean or pick up after others. Paying taxes is one of those required aspects of living where you live, since they pay for, i.e.  school and government operations. It is our responsibility to ensure our towns/cities remain beautiful and healthy environments for everyone, including our wildlife.

Remember “Keeping America Beautiful.”  It starts at home.  Here’s the link:

P.S. Two things: today, a SUV in front of me littered a bag of chips on a country road, I got angry and signed vehemently. I do litter…foods that are naturally environmentally friendly, i.e. banana peels and remnants of apples, bread too.

Update: A few days ago… got a neat video about water – bottles and tap. Both ASL and English are in use… here it is:


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