Occupy Wall Street

In the last week or so, the actions of politicians and police officers have brought in attention to a movement that is protesting the actions of the banks and financial institutions on Wall Street.

Remember the bank bail out situation about a hundred years ago? (feels like it) Our economy is still in recession no matter what the politicians say. We have people unable to find jobs, defaulting on loans and joining get rich schemes so they can stay afloat in their lives. Politicians on the Capitol can keep their ‘pensions’ after one term as well as continue their earnings from pork barrel profits from businesses, leaving 99% floundering in economic brackish waters equivalent to Hurricane Katrina’s mess she left behind (really, the mess was already there).

Let me tell you something, may be slightly off the point: I went to an event in August for an organization that supports a deaf senior citizen home/nursing home. Prior to it’s current location, it was established in rural part of the state. Before mid 1950’s, seniors would remain active at the nursing home; cooking for themselves and others, doing farming and canning with support of others. In 1959 (if I have the year right), Indiana passed a law that nursing homes were not allowed to can food, be active in their nursing home (doing chores, playing games, cooking and etc) and they were required by law to purchase food from businesses. That I believe is the start of the decline of the mental stability of America.

For too long have we been at the mercy of bankers and politicians. Do folks remember the Robin Hood tales?  The fall of Rome?  It’s time for a revolution….

Oh yes…. it’s time for a revolution.




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