For Muzz

Muzz waiting to go outside

This is in memory of Smokey Muzzle, aka Muzz. Born October 7, 2003 and passed October 21, 2011.  His time may have been up but the ending was in cruelty. Muzz is now romping the Rainbow Bridge playing with my mother and his dog relatives.

His ending came in cruelty? Yes; however, let me lead to that. Muzz was an over friendly dog. Always excited to meet people, new or old. He also liked to chase two wheelers. Since we got him, he was always hyper excited. In some ways, it was good so he could scare away the unwanted and not good if we had new friends or other people we expected so we would warn them about coming over. Muzz was also an explorer, he liked to go to the back and search out whatever he was looking for. Muzz also loved to sing when we sang.

I know we should leash our dogs often; however, they do need to learn boundaries, after all, dogs have been our best friends for over thousands of years. They were the first to be ‘domesticated’ and humans and dogs have had a reciprocal relationship. I use the word domesticated loosely because we could be also domesticated towards dogs.

Despite that relationship, dogs continue to be the most misunderstood among cultures and society.  Koreans eat dogs, fine – leave them alone. We should not be dictating what other cultures should not or should do, when what we do to dogs here in America does amount to cruelty. I know I cannot rescue dogs (or other animals) because it breaks my heart. We have families who love their dogs, like mine and other families who abandon their dogs when they move. We have stereotypical behaviors to certain breeds such as pitbulls, dobermans, and those ‘bad dogs’; when it all amounts to how we treat them.

Humans are animals; a friend or two may disagree with me, which is fine – makes for fun arguments. The difference is our biological make up. Dogs do have emotions, they do have characteristics and they do know what goes on. We may not speak the same language, at our core we are the same.

We knew that having dogs there would be some limitations but that did not have us love them any less.  We have another dog and she is the total opposite of Muzz. Our neighbors and few people who frequent our street have gotten to know Muzz and find that he is only just a friendly dog who loves people; however, some people don’t give a crap and he was hit by a bike hard and the person who rode that bike fled the scene.

Oddly, this was dark at night, which my husband only knew was a biker. Riding a bike at night with no safety and in 40 degree temperature and he hits Muzz hard that we couldn’t find any external injuries, to know that it was internal injuries he died from.

Muzz was a good dog regardless his flaws and perfection.  May he rest in peace and live in our hearts forever.

Like humans, animals are innocent until proven guilty. Like humans, animals are stereotyped by a few animals within their species. Like humans, animals can be cruel. Animals can live side by side with humans with respect to boundaries. Why do you think territorial wild animals are attacking humans and why some of them have become extinct since the advent of humans?  A friend and I agree that we need to become stewards, not masters of our earth.

On a side note, the 911 center did not even help us out at all. If Muzz was shot

Stayed out in the blizzard for couple of hours

the kid was hurt, they would come out. Otherwise, de nada. My husband asked about the vets, the police told him not to bother. We live across from an animal ‘hospital’ but other than their lights being on, no one is there after hours. I called once after hours and they said in an emergency, call 911. So if 911 can’t help us, I wonder. I do not want an ‘eye for an eye’ for the biker but I sincerely hope that there is remorse in his heart.

Update: Today, my husband clarified something, he saw three bikers bike away from our house before he found Muzz so we know it is intentional.  In the back of my mind, those three are future human murderers. Sad isn’t it?


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