Which Do You Want?

The truth or the lie? I do not mean ‘Truth or Dare’, a simple game that can bring laughter or anger, depending the intent of the game. This goes beyond a game, to a larger game that has pushed one domino onto another, a cascade follows. What happens when we reach the end?

“Should one fear the truth that lies behind the lies?” A thought. It is like opening a can of worms when the truth is finally unmasked. Why are we so relieved with the lies that we are willing to perpetuate, rather than accept the truth. Do not people realize that half of the world lives the truth – possibly more, while the other half keeps the lies going on and on until the lies blow up in their face. Truth is painful but is honest. Lies may not hurt, but the ultimate goal of lies is to cover the ignorance, an individual ignorance of the entire world, that lies on it.

What weighs heavily on my mind lately is how can the representatives continue to perpetuate lies by people who do not experience life the way a certain populace does. How can the majority continue to believe the lies when they have lived and experienced being at the side of a populace. Why the minorities continuing to accept the lies when they know the truth. Perhaps this complex concept of truth and lies lie deep within the human psyche.

Can one open their eyes to the lies to seek for that glimmer of truth… a glimmer of truth that remains a fact, one cannot live another person’s life without pain and clarity.  Being different is a pain; however, it is a greater pain to live someone’s life that is not one’s own. We were made to be different through different schools of thoughts: religion, evolution, spirit, biology and so on.

Why is it assumed that the ‘caretakers’ (I mean this in a negative light) can answer what they do not know. If they answer for the ‘children’, does it constitute as a lie? Why is it then the ‘children’ find the truth, that they run to it as a moth flits to a candle?  After the light (truth) is shown, the ‘children’ continue to be oppressed or set aside because the ‘caretakers’ continue to perpetuate the lies, leaving truth hidden so the others do not know and be honest in their actions. What shackles are we bound to? The truth or the lies?

I just now noticed something.  Truth.  Lies.  Do you notice something unique about each? Truth is a singular word whereas lies is a plural.  The truth is a flame, buried deep in each of us (the light in the tunnel if you will), one that covers our being while the lies are like mosquitoes (not my favorite insect) stinging or like leeches sucking our bloods (not even that therapeutic).  We fight so hard to keep that truth alive in us that we forget to bond…

Yes bond, through our differences, that each kernel of truth of common knowledge and spiritual strength can weave through energy, love, hope to touch one another….

Can we take that truth out of us and make a fire?


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