A Restaurant with Standards

I really need to get a business card sized ‘thank yous’ to hand out to restaurants whether dining in or drive through to thank them for the effort, time and patience to communicate with customers like me. Whether they have accommodations or not, we still need to thank them for the effort – working together can get things done.

Anyhoo, I am quite liking Chick-fil-A, a friend introduced me to the restaurant while we were on one of our scrapbooking escapades. Those carrot and raisin salads are to die for!  I think my daughter likes it too, she wanted to eat one today but was so terrified by the cows to even eat until I gave her some grilled chicken (finally! something bread-less!).

What impressed me further at this local restaurant is that several folks who work there do sign, maybe not the greatest but at least we can communicate right?  The employees make the time to converse directly; shyly or aggressively – we had both (in a nice way), teach a few signs here and there or ask questions. Then there were activities at one end of the wall, they could sign too; they don’t work at Chick-fil-A, but had their business there – doing scrapbook/craft (well using scrapbook materials for crafting).

The greatest thing is that we didn’t have to say that we are ‘deaf’ but just sign using our native American Sign Language, the world would amaze you. This is what it felt like tonight; although I felt like I was out of my element because this is not what I see or experience everyday, my family and I were able to be on the same footing as any family that came in.

Now this is a restaurant that I would love to go to every week… only if it would be open on Sundays, so we can eat there before going to bowling, oh well. It does tell you the values that a business places upon its employees and how it runs a business that mutually benefits everyone involved, so no Sundays is okay with me. 😀

Thank you Chick-fil-A. Be seeing you around soon!


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