Journey as a Deaf Parent

Me: I am a parent of two children.  I am also deaf. So that makes me a deaf parent.

You: Okay, what is the point?  There are different kinds of parents naturally so what would make you a different set of parent?

Me: My children are. . . hearing.

You: So what?!  So are the other 90% of the people who are deaf who have children.

Me: Precisely.

Me: For me, my children are not hearing.  They are just . . . children.

You: Yeah, right!  They are still hearing because you are deaf.

Me: Perhaps, perhaps.  They are still children. That is their primary responsibility.

You: Wait. What? You are deaf, they are hearing. Period.

Me: That is the first mistake many people make.

You: *sputters* A mistake? No way!  It is fact!

Me: Yes it is a fact; however, it is not the dominant fact.  The most important bond between a parent and a child is communication.

You: Yeah, communication.  That means you should speak, not sign or at least, speak and sign at the same time.

Me: Communication is not only limited to language.  There are simple messages that can be translated through understanding how communication works. For language, my children get both, ASL and English.  Is it an easy feat? Naturally for any bilingual families, it is not.  We do not only need to battle within our families, also battle a world outside whose views are limited based on their inexperience and ignorance.

You: Okay, okay. A point I ceded to you.  Still they have to be a part of the world bigger than your family. (They are still hearing.)

Me: Labels mean nothing, my children are whole. Being hearing is one small part, just as speaking two languages are a small part. Just like me being deaf is a small part of me. Each part has its role to play in each persons life from birth to death.

You: So does that mean to be hearing could be problematic for your children?

Me: Yes.


One thought on “Journey as a Deaf Parent

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