School as Home

Hi!  It has been a while!  Teaching high school is quite a challenge. It seems that my expectations of high school does not fit the ideals we should be familiar with in the 21st century.  Makes me wonder if my kids will hate me when it comes to their teenage years, I do not mean ‘hate’, but be annoyed or well, what I did to my parents back then.

There is one thing I noticed that seems to be a trend, how students treat their schools as if they are at home.

Should we have uniforms? Yep

Just leave the hair and shoes at a fashionable focus (I need visual cues/items to teach ASL with) and bring back the uniforms.  I have noticed that how you dress affects how you behave.  Believe me, there is a big difference.  Yet it is a huge deal with parents, kids and school corporations.  (

Costs. Restricted creativity process. Possible discrimination.  Misbehavior. Academic achievement whether it happens or not.

For instance, I see students walking around in slippers rather than shoes, good kind of shoes that will keep your legs healthy (cheap or expensive, regardless).  Students throw stuff on the floor.  I do know that we have janitors but would  you want the students to be throwing stuff around on the floor at their jobs too?  Books are disrespected. I have had a total of 20 books where the spine is ripped out and now duct taped (whoo!).  I have had students draw obscene pictures in the textbooks.

I am not saying that we should treat schools like workplaces. Gosh there is an issue out there brought forth by business people that schools should be treated like businesses. Okay there is a line to be drawn here!  Nonetheless, schools should be a stepping stone or a transition to the real world; whether it be college or a job. Come to think of it, most jobs have uniforms.  Fast food, business people, teachers (that’s why we have Casual Fridays), auto mechanics and you name it.

Maybe uniforms are restrictive due to certain fashion statements, should not one be excited when one gets home or brings a change of clothes (for activities) to get into when school is out?  Uniforms don’t have to be 190 days; there could be certain days, like Fridays or Spirit Week where we can let loose and have fun, within reason naturally.

Sometimes too much freedom provides slack in responsibility and thought processes.  Our students will not be prepared for the real world with this much freedom.  Which means, we need to define what freedom really means to us, free will, free choice or the freedom to screw everything else based on teenage hormones?

I still will go for school uniforms for students. It is a responsibility and we have other ways of releasing our creative inputs.  (if one can draw obscene stuff in textbooks, that’s surely a creative input, albeit inappropriate.

schoolhouseold Old Schoolhouse; looks very uniformy the dresses and suits.

schoolnew Modern school building; the number of students have increased; strains on staff, faculty and administrators.


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