Water, Blood, Fire; Nature’s Purification

Today I went to church and the sermon topic was “Water”.  Our pastor talked about water as a critical aspect to life, including baptism.  He mentioned that there were three topics frequently commented through out the Bible – water, blood, and fire.

I am drawn to what nature gives us in terms of those three aspects, in many ways are purification types; however, they also lead to renewal.  This is whether it is physical or spiritual.  In almost all religions, water is used for baptism, from simple sprinkling on the forehead to immersion.  We also cannot live without water. Did you know that a body can survive days of no food, as long as there is water to drink? Our bodies are made up of 72% water.

Our world, when one is paying attention, her climate is changing because of how we humans are changing the landscape of nature. The Great and Salt Lake Basins are drying up its aquifers and looking into the Colorado River to feed its population, especially Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Reno. The rainfall there is a scant 5 to 12 inches annually.


Another aspect of life is blood. Blood is as strong as water and is composed of water.  Familial blood ties tend be much stronger between families even if there’s a dramatic love-hate relationship going on.  We are reminded of blood daily even if we do not see it, for it courses through us.  In other words, what of earth’s blood are spilling daily with the deforestation and ever increasing exploitation of our natural resources for greed? Blood will tell.

Fire, an interesting element, while destructive can be a renewal source.  I cannot say for California’s forests which in the last few years have gone through forest fires, compared to the last 3 decades can be scary.  In the Plains, controlled or natural forest fires actually bring new growth because the ashes fire leaves behind has nutritional properties and coupled with water, something grows within a few days.

Admit it – how many of you have stared in a fire and just let your thoughts run around? Fire, such as burning thoughts, spark creativity, desire to accomplish and of course warms us in the dark of nights.  Primal, is it not?  Summer comes soon.

Each element, water – blood – fire, each have a heartbeat that pulses within us and within the earth which we live in. We worry about its physical power but forget the spiritual power that reaches deep into our primal selves.  These elements remind us that we are not gods.  We cannot let greed dictate us, we need to go back to our natural selves and begin to see what we are doing as a whole – a spiritual whole and begin to work, clean up and restore equilibrium to our world, that WE all NEED to have. is soon here, where fires will run rampant.

*deep sigh*



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