A Vote of No Confidence

17 years ago, the government was shutdown during a Democratic President and here we go again.

The shutdown today is based on the Republican’ aversion to Affordable Care Act, branded “Obamacare” by the people who voted Congressmen and Senators into office.

President Obama may have pushed and helped the ACA become a law but that action was not solely his responsibility, the responsibility also lies with the Congress. The Supreme Court deemed the law constitutional.

In this time of economic insecurity, the Congress cannot come forward with a clean bill. I wonder how many unnecessary amendments are attached to laws that erode people’s rights, state rights, the survival of nature and so many unnecessary waste. More than 800,000 people are unable to get paid and pay their bills.

Only active military troops will get paid. The US Postal Service will continue delivering mail. Our park, zoos and monuments will be closed.

And one has to wonder, why are our Congressmen and Senators still getting paid? They are federal workers paid and voted by the people. If they can cut 800,000 people from getting paid, they should have their pay cut or stopped until the shutdown is complete.

There are talks about impeachment, birth certificates and spending issues on only one person, yet an entire Congress cannot do their jobs and put the Americans at risk, the economy at further delination and continue to get paid while others cannot. Congress is only less than .1 percent of the entire population and our lives are held for ransom.

I declare a vote of no confidence.

Do you? Exercise your right before its taken away by those wasteful amendments to bills. The Roman Empire fell because of the greed of its elected officials and an economy that couldn’t survive. The Roman Empire did not fall because of one man, it fell because the representatives did nothing by their people.

Side note: looks like the Congress passed a law back in mid-1990’s to make their paychecks permanent while most of their lowly employees are considered non-essential. Ummm, makes you wonder why Congress thinks they are above the people.


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