An Essential Oil A Day…

A part of an journey is trying to find what one can do in respect with personal health and the world in which we live in. I recently was introduced to doTerra, an essential oils company out of Utah. I am fascinated by the oils and how we can use them to improve our health and lives. I am still learning the ropes and so far what I have seen with the oils, continue to impress me. I have created bath salts, car fresheners, cleaning fluid and acne cream (also a moisturizer). I diffuse quite a lot too.

Today my daughter woke up with an intense ear pain in her left ear. I had to call in for a substitute at school and my son stayed home as well (I live 45-50 miles away from where I work).  A call to the doctor at 8 am netted me an appointment at 10:15 am.  My daughter was in pain so I took some drops of Melaleuca and rubbed on the surface of her ear and on her bone behind the ear. A few minutes she became calm and fell asleep.  She did wake up to tell me that her ear was better but I knew better and we headed out to the doctor. Sure enough, she has a terrible ear infection.

As anything new that comes into your life, do research.  What I have read and discussed with people tells me the nature of essential oils is valuable (as long as depletion and removal of nature’s resources are not abused, this is symbiosis that we are talking about!) and as old as the ages. How much have we modern humans in today’s age lost from the wisdom of those who have come before us?

Curious? Check out my site: 

I also created my own website which discusses essential oils in general, as well as some tips and homemade stuff.   EO With Joanna


2 thoughts on “An Essential Oil A Day…

  1. Hello JoAnna. I have just found your site. Being Human, Being Deaf & Everything in Between.
    I must say, it is relieving to find another person being Human Deaf and Everything in Between. I Too also am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. I Love my doTERRA,… and it has been difficult to get any feedback from my postings on facebook. Jacqueline Bachman on Facebook. I thank you for education awareness on our unique Cultural background.
    thank you and keep Blogging. ! ~ Jackie

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