Many deaf and hard of hearing people often face challenges when trying to communicate with business owners and we will return to those who have made their business open and accessible to us…often. We can rely on each other to provide positive feedback about businesses that others frequent when we search for a local business to go to.

One example: Before my son was born, I asked a friend of mine which pediatrician she takes her children to. She gave me a name and I have been happy to have the pediatrician as a part of my children’s health because he prefers to have an interpreter in place during appointments, no matter how long we are there. Not only that, it is cute when he asks for signs such as MOM, DAD, or THANK-YOU. He knows that efficiency and effective communication is best between doctors and patients.

I already registered and will be providing positive reviews for a few places, especially those places who have worked with us for more than one year for events and such. Enjoy the beautiful video and John Maucere’s interviews.  #deaffriendly !



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