The Importance of Apology

When working with a group of people, some days they can irritate you to a limit that can make or break you.  My breaking points have been reached too far too many times in the last month or so. Most teenagers do not realize that they cannot always get what they want, nor does complaining about it help their case.

This particular day, I conducted a quiz with success during one period; however, it was the next period that had me walking out of my classroom. Consistent whining, asking for repetition, consistent ‘DON’T-UNDERSTAND’ and out the door, I went. It was approximately 45 minutes before I came back into the classroom.  At the end of the bell… this is what I got from a group of students.

Apologies are great, but they don’t really change anything. You know what does? Action. ~Stella Young

One thing that irritates me the most about students is their consistent ‘apologizing’ for what they have done, without understanding what it means. Apologies no longer have context, content and intent.  If accompanied with grins, mirth and laughter, the apology definitely has no meat behind it. It is a guarantee that the action will continue to be repeated. It has consistently been proven.

In this case, the main reason why many of the students were complaining, it had to do with the fact that their receptive comprehension skills no longer matter when using sign language.  They can sure sign but they cannot ‘listen’ with their eyes. They think it is okay to sign and speak at the same time at an advanced level of the program.

Pay attention to the person you are apologizing to, even if one says it is ‘fine’, look at the behavior of the recipient, it will be more likely you will find the person indifferent to such apology.  Then it is time for self-reflection.

Do not apologize if you do not mean it, period.


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