The Controversy Over Choice.

What is choice when it is limited?

Team Rogerson Goes ASL

choice image

Many of us as parents make choices for our kids every day.  We feed them oatmeal for breakfast instead of cookies because we know it is what will start their day in the best way.  We choose to clothe them when we go to the grocery store because if not…well, we just do.  We choose to send them to school every day because we know it is what they need to be educated and to provide an intellectual foundation for their future.

However, when a Deaf child is born parents do not have the choice to know the Deaf community by the medical staff at the hospital.  Instead, we are cattle prodded to the audiologist and ENT surgeon who present us with options on the types of hearing aids we want to purchase.  The medical staff does not provide us as parents the choice to speak to a Deaf person…

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