Does Breathing Matter?

Today I find it frustrating that people can twist the definition of a movement or a word to fit their own idealistic framework without truly understanding the heart, purpose and drive of the people at the core of the meaning of life.

Do all lives matter – yes; however, lives should not be weighted against who is popular, who is in the majority or because the situation deems it should be.

If Black Lives don’t Matter, when does All Lives Matter? Why should we shut down Black worldfolks because we value our lives more than they value theirs. This is total bullshit. Absolutely against the biological and chemical structure of our human beings. It strikes a stake into the very heart of the world we live on. This throws chaos out of balance with no balance in sight.

If Deaf Lives don’t Matter, when does Hearing Lives Matter?  One cannot exist without the other, nor can it exist without the underlying biological definition that defines us as humans.  Telling us that Sign Language doesn’t Matter is like telling yourselves that your Spoken Language doesn’t Matter. That is what Ms. Meredith Sugar tells people in America.

statue consecratedWhen this picture surfaced, it is like telling me that Black Lives don’t value Military Lives despite the history of discrimination and slavery.

Really?! Whomever did this (doesn’t matter what color), you would think it was easy to say “Well, ya know military lives don’t matter. Maybe they fought in Civil War, World Wars I and II all the way up to the ISIS situation, but ya know what, military folks, they don’t matter.”

So does any life on this damn beautiful, minuscule, living and breathing world matter? Do All Sea Lives Matter?  Do All Trees Matter? Do All Children Matter? Do Australian Aboriginal Matter?  Do All Global Lives Matter?  Does a single orchid matter? Yes, hell yes they do.

Yet… because we disregard those who are equally important to us as a race or as a species living on this fragile world, no lives truly ever matter to us.

So let me end with a bit of ranting.

When will you shut the fuck up, whining about yourselves and start listening with your eyes, ears, hands, feet well every damn part of you to those who are opposite of you.  There would be a damn whole lot you could learn on your journey to ‘enlightenment’.



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