A Letter to Me at 16 years old

Dear 16 year old Joanna,

You may be smart, but also dumb.  Be straight with yourself, you will struggle through your journey, questioning the human mission that placed you on this earth. What you dream is a journey, your sixth sense telling you what may come and reality is as it is.

There will be things which are distasteful to you but you will strive.

There will be good times and bad times. Do ask for help, swallow that pride! You will learn that there are two sides to everything, a gray area in life. You are and always have been a teacher, no matter how exhausting it can be – keep on being a student of life.

At least, what we will agree on at the age of 16 and 40, life is learning and learning is life – we go forth and play. Education is varied, personal or professional.  We agree that people are cool, has potential and are just simply human.  Technology is a tool, just a tool.

We are still a tree hugger and I still believe in the best of each …. only to add, also the worst in each.

Remember – life is a journey. Smile a lot and have faith in yourself.

Joanna from about 25 years later.


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