Erosion at play with the dunes. Lake Michigan is behind me.

Today is Leap Day – 29 February 2020. We went hiking at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  They were hosting Leap Day Hike, but we ended up going on our own.

At the end, we hiked approximately 5 miles. Tough!  Longest hike was the shoreline, not the dunes!

I told my son that the dunes move because of the constant wind, not like mountains. They cover the trees, basically anything that is in their way.

Few minutes later, I came with a knowledge that our earth – this globe of white, blue, green, gray and yellow, all shades – is a living organism.

It may not have a mouth like we mammals do, or like any fish, invertebrate or insect. Well anything with a mouth, basically.  Yet it survives by breathing oxygen and carbon monoxide, like we do.  It weaves a complex DNA structure that we are a part of – every single day.

What in the heck are we doing to our world!?

The fence swallowed by the dune.

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