Congress – the Heaviest Burden

The good ole federal government has three branches:

  • The executive: the President (elected by electoral college, despite popular vote),
  • the legislative: Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) our representatives (not leaders necessarily, elected by the people), and
  • the judicial: recommendations by the President and elected into office by the Congress. People can say something but usually doesn’t go their way as it is all political.

As with Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump is going through the same thing, albeit from the other side of the fence. Taste of the medicine, ehh?

It is annoying, exhausting, aggravating, ignorant, ‘news’-bombing, and I do not know what other adjectives to use – to hear about Mr. Trump.  He was elected into office. His office is 1/3 (one thirds) the power of the federal government that maintains consistency across the great nation of the United States.  The U.S. is essentially still states rights nation.

This picture was from  (if there’s one updated with Mr. Trump, let me know. I couldn’t find a collage.)

When people bombarded Mr. Obama during his presidency – I maintained my position that the Congress is where people should redirect their attention to.  The elected officials of the Congress are the people who create, deliberate, and either pass or do not pass laws.

They put people into position within the States and across the globe based on recommendations from people, including the President. They can decide to approve or not approve a person for various positions that provide a face, a representative from the United States of America.  Ambassadors, judges, people to run committees and so on.

The Congress holds the true power of the three branches, first and foremost – they are elected by the people they represent (not all of them vote for the person, that’s a given at any time).  As it was during Mr. Obama’s time and it is now during Mr. Trump’s time, the Congress has not done their job by the people.

They still have not done their job. They have allowed the President to manipulate them, allowed the tax codes to become lax to the point where the current 1%-10% high income people pays 1% less in tax than the middle class. They have bills sitting on the desk just for the heck of it.

We have issues, our budget is crazy and we are in debt to the point that our children and grandchildren are already paying into it and they have yet to reach their age of employability. We have problems, but we choose to blame others for them. Not all problems are someone’s fault, they are mainly yours and well as mine, at the same time Congress does nothing.

The States are trying hard, they are facing an economy that has been changing for the last 20 years. Private sectors are moving out of the country because they do not want to pay their share of the taxes and pay their employees living wages. What holds a company up is not the CEO but the people who work for the company. How is it possible that a CEO gets bonuses, stocks and all the luxurious items on the backs of the workers. Perhaps they will begin to understand the system of slavery despite being paid to work.

The problem we have right now is a Congress that refuses to work for the people, rather be led on the nose by the President and makes decisions that has long term ramifications – across generations, present to the future. Maybe their kids will be okay as they have pensions, pay into Social Security (how in the heck could they call us entitled if they pay into it….) and they already had jobs before that they can return to (lawyers, lobbyists, stocks, and etc.).

Focus on the Congress, we already know the electoral college is geared towards the Republican Party and the people who prefer to earn money by doing the least.

Focus on the Congress, we know that the President is a media mongol and that is not going to change in this generation of media attention grabbers living a fantasy life.

Focus on the Congress as the judges approved are slowly eroding the principals of the Constitution that has endured through drastic changes such as the Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights and Deaf President Now.

Focus on the Congress which has gerrymandered their districts too many times and perform gaslighting behaviors that we do not want to see in our children.

Be the power you already have to make changes within the Congress. Vote, damn you! Vote! Do not vote just because, be serious, whatever happens. It will impact you, your neighbor, your teacher, your union member, your tradespeople, your private sectors, and every. single. person. in. this. great. nation. of. ours. You, with your community, are the people who can make America (actually I would prefer to call y’all Staties) great again.

The power has and always been yours. Be wise and real.

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