TP! Seriously!

With the coronavirus, while serious, is hyped by the media *head shaking*, I can understand why sanitizers ran out. Even for homemade sanitizers that include either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gels with oils and vitamin E.

The coronavirus, or specifically COVID-19, is a respiratory based virus. Similar to the influenza or any flu strains. WHO and CDC has advised people to stay home and also wash your hands. With the crisis continuing to abound crazily – that means I guess probably about 90% of the people actually do not wash their hands. Wow!

Nonetheless……… seriously, no where did any of the organizations mentioned above say that you would get the shits from COVID-19!!!!

TOILET &^%&*(( PAPER, seriously People!

We were nearly out of toilet paper but when I walked into the aisle, unbelievable. Nothing left in terms of the big packages, so I am regulated to buying two small packs.

Oh well.



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