I’m a Racist Educator, and Here’s What I’m Doing About It

There are things I have avoided doing because I know it won’t work but would love active ideas in how to ensure my students have the overall positive experience. Sending them off to in school detention with no actual support didn’t sit right with me. This is a good blog and appreciate this a lot.

Jon Cowart World Language Consulting

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post about what constitutes good classroom management in urban schools. When I wrote this post, I had taught in a title I school for 5 years using comprehensible input exclusively as my approach to teaching. I was a level 5 teacher, the highest evaluation you could receive in Tennessee, and had what most would consider a “strong classroom”. My students, 100% of whom were black, were compliant, engaged, and on some days, joyful in my classroom. Everything about what I was doing as a teacher was, seemingly great.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a fellow language teacher who had read that post. Her message to me was poignant, elegant, and carried a simple message: This blog is racist and white supremacist, and you need to take it down. She highlighted some of problematic language I used in…

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