Crying Wolf

Most of us are familiar with the story of the “boy who cried wolf”.

VL2/Motion Light Lab: “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in ASL

The moral behind this story is still valid to this day. The media is crying wolf, the White House is crying wolf, oh for the heck of it – it is pretty much everywhere.

Guess what – people are not paying attention anymore and when the time comes, it is going to blow up in our faces. Crying wolf is a way to call attention to one single action and in our case, high potential for deflection of serious issues that will impact us for years after the outcome of the election.

In fact, it is already happening. History repeats and who gets brushed with the dust? The very lives of the people who support and are patriots of their own country. We have heard the cry “wolf” one too many times and we will reap our complacent behavior.

Complacent, why? Many of us are working more than one job, do not have job or food security or do not have a home. We are worried about our immediate issues and concerns and that is where our government has taken advantage of.

How will we go about it now that the “wolf” has been here?


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