Food Sustainability

Food sustainability is another aspect to living on this world. The global food shortage has and always been around. The current pandemic – COVID19 and its variants – are not the sole cause of the food shortage.

Climate change

Government systems

Corporate and business groups

Cultural practices and traditions

Health crisis

Ordinary people across the globe have increasingly given up their plot of land to companies and government systems that say “there will be food for you if you share yours for the good of the country”. We see videos and pictures of people lining up for food becoming dependent on the very companies and government systems that decided to use the citizens’ plot of land for fiscal wealth that does not even “trickle down” as a country and as a paying citizen of that country.

It is time to bring food sustainability back to the communities, families, local businesses rather than large companies and corporations who are interested in the bottom dollar, not lives of the people who need the foodstuff.

Bring back community gardens, learn, teach and carry on the lessons of growing food and sharing them among others. Our elders and children will benefit from this and so will we the in-betweeners.

We have forsaken our communities for a world dominated by corporations. India is a good example of how government has allowed corporations to take control thus the local farmers lose out and so do their communities and families.

Links to Explore:

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