Yo You Taxpayer – Your money matters too.

For the people – HB1134 “Education Matters” is something that is redundant, repetitive and mainly irrelevant. 

So let’s do some critical thinking (sorely lacking among our elected officials): public schools are funded by taxpayers, school vouchers are funded by taxpayers, programs that serve our K-12 and their parents are funded by taxpayers.  There are quite a few more but I do not want you to die of boredom. 

Our curriculum resources are available mostly online and also upon request, that is… in the public school system.  It’s a simple search, one that we do every day for insignificant things we do not really learn much from (maybe?  I do know I do learn something – maybe trivial but ehh).  We do have open discourse – do our best, it ain’t a perfect world anyway.  

As one post said – a summary at best but point to be made: Parents – if you don’t go to parent teacher conferences, parent nights, parent workshops, meet the teachers and so on, how do you expect that our resources are readily available, when we have been standing at the door waiting for you to show up.

Photo by Aaron Mello on Pexels.com

But I digress – let us redirect our attention to the funds that are paid for by the taxpayers living in their communities which the public schools are in.  I mentioned, and again public schools are funded by taxpayers.  This is not a misdirection – it is a simple fact of life that has existed for more than perhaps 100 years since public school was a little spark on the prairie of life.  

Now let us wonder about the school vouchers – the very same vouchers that allow parent choice of sending children to charter, private and religious schools (highly discriminating but what ya know… I am an idiot according to the townsfolk despite being a licensed and educated public school teacher myself) – should be held accountable as public school funds because *drumroll*, those vouchers are paid for by the taxpayers. 

YES!!! Y’all taxpaying folks should demand that the charter, private and religious schools equally submit their curriculum resources and establish committees. 

No exceptions.

Public schools should not be the exemption to the rule, everything needs to be on equal footing. Even if I have my kids in public schools, some of my money is going to charter, private and religious schools as vouchers and I wanna know what they are teaching (won’t be much of a difference per se – they will not be exhausted or stressed out like public school teachers whose lives are threatened by legislators who more likely came from private schools and sent their kids to the same). 

Shut down House Bill 1134 in Indiana. The legislators are wasting time and money – Hoosiers’ time and money – namely what is called the “taxpayers” money. Now ya know.



OP-ED: Here’s what’s at risk if Indiana bills on teaching race-related topics become law.


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