Road Rage…Common Sense

This post is not really about road rage…although it can lead to one based on people not having common sense when they are on the road. It can happen far too often to show some resemblance to road rage and perhaps taking it out on the wrong person.

Here follows:

  • Never ever park or wait in line on the railroad tracks.  Seriously, a slow or fast moving train cannot stop in time. GET OFF THE TRACKS! Yes, even when you are ‘waiting’ in line!
  • When it is foggy outside, whether you can see only 15 feet or a quarter mile, TURN ON YOUR *&%&( LIGHTS!  Even your fog lights too! (
  • Folks: there is a slow lane, average speed (even with a plus 5 mph) and a fast lane. The fast lane is actually called a PASSING LANE. That means do not stay on this lane the entire time and drive vvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy ssssslllllllooooooowwwwwww. One moves from the middle or slow lane (depending on the number of lanes) to pass a vehicle. And MOVES BACK TO THE MIDDLE OR SLOW LANE!  Seriously, most Illinois people are guilty of this and Indiana has a law…..  Move over for the tailgating cars, trucks, or even a turtle that is driving faster than you.
  • Sometimes people move over because they need/want to pass a vehicle in front of them, when they use a blinker, it does not always mean that one has to drive faster than the car wanting to pass and the vehicle in front of the car. SLOW DOWN a bit, will ya?  Couresty does not hurt anyone, who knows maybe karma will pay it forward for you.
  • For whatever reason, do not brake immediately in front of the car (especially when there’s no vehicle in front of one’s car) just because you are royally pissed off that they forgot to use the blinker or is weaving on the road. The rear car is almost always at fault, despite the front car being an arse. Road rage does not look pretty at the end. Who knows why these things happen, MOVE ON!

That is all I have now. Who knows I will update. I am sure we all have those moments.

P.S. It’s Not a Good Idea

curtains move apart, two hands hold
deep breath, your mind hold
this luxurious machine your future hold

your future alone?
choices yours alone?
consequences yours alone?

reverent steps ahead
hands brace ahead
the heart braces ahead

hands churn
eyes churn
mind churn

old days begone
future days become
presently bespun

you complete
Machine complete
mind complete

Curtains move apart, two hands hold
unsteady, legs cannot hold
will the color hold?

heart beats fast
breathe fast
mind whirs fast

blindly choose the color
one color, yes one color
you, one color

national suicide
state suicide
political suicide

A Letter to Me at 16 years old

Dear 16 year old Joanna,

You may be smart, but also dumb.  Be straight with yourself, you will struggle through your journey, questioning the human mission that placed you on this earth. What you dream is a journey, your sixth sense telling you what may come and reality is as it is.

There will be things which are distasteful to you but you will strive.

There will be good times and bad times. Do ask for help, swallow that pride! You will learn that there are two sides to everything, a gray area in life. You are and always have been a teacher, no matter how exhausting it can be – keep on being a student of life.

At least, what we will agree on at the age of 16 and 40, life is learning and learning is life – we go forth and play. Education is varied, personal or professional.  We agree that people are cool, has potential and are just simply human.  Technology is a tool, just a tool.

We are still a tree hugger and I still believe in the best of each …. only to add, also the worst in each.

Remember – life is a journey. Smile a lot and have faith in yourself.

Joanna from about 25 years later.

The Land on Which I Stand

Flooded Yard with Cold Water

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Plot of Earth.”

Since settling on an one acre property, it is mostly left alone, with a few garden plots (flower/veggies), a small grove of trees and we don’t add chemicals to the grass (only to nurse sick trees)

Grove in Spring


This Friday is Earth Day…Let us keep practicing balance with our earth, every day.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”  ~Native Indian Proverb


Visual Texting…

What most people do not realize about texting and deaf and hard of hearing people is the visual factor and the ability to ‘doubt’ the message.

I recently read a BuzzFeed post:

This trend has lately been translated into video-texting, so when someone signs LOL but ain’t laughing that hard….hello! We can see you!  This is definitely applicable to ROTFLMAO. I have a friend who posted a video about this, while serious, had definite funny undertones. I have to find it and post it here! See below (updated):

Here is Michelle’s YouTube Video about the ROTFLMAO Pet Peeve:

Texting may be words, yet it feels like I know what the person is doing in front of the phone. Besides, I have done that a few times, which is always nice; yet leaves a guilty feeling.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”

Water, Blood, Fire; Nature’s Purification

Today I went to church and the sermon topic was “Water”.  Our pastor talked about water as a critical aspect to life, including baptism.  He mentioned that there were three topics frequently commented through out the Bible – water, blood, and fire.

I am drawn to what nature gives us in terms of those three aspects, in many ways are purification types; however, they also lead to renewal.  This is whether it is physical or spiritual.  In almost all religions, water is used for baptism, from simple sprinkling on the forehead to immersion.  We also cannot live without water. Did you know that a body can survive days of no food, as long as there is water to drink? Our bodies are made up of 72% water.

Our world, when one is paying attention, her climate is changing because of how we humans are changing the landscape of nature. The Great and Salt Lake Basins are drying up its aquifers and looking into the Colorado River to feed its population, especially Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Reno. The rainfall there is a scant 5 to 12 inches annually.


Another aspect of life is blood. Blood is as strong as water and is composed of water.  Familial blood ties tend be much stronger between families even if there’s a dramatic love-hate relationship going on.  We are reminded of blood daily even if we do not see it, for it courses through us.  In other words, what of earth’s blood are spilling daily with the deforestation and ever increasing exploitation of our natural resources for greed? Blood will tell.

Fire, an interesting element, while destructive can be a renewal source.  I cannot say for California’s forests which in the last few years have gone through forest fires, compared to the last 3 decades can be scary.  In the Plains, controlled or natural forest fires actually bring new growth because the ashes fire leaves behind has nutritional properties and coupled with water, something grows within a few days.

Admit it – how many of you have stared in a fire and just let your thoughts run around? Fire, such as burning thoughts, spark creativity, desire to accomplish and of course warms us in the dark of nights.  Primal, is it not?  Summer comes soon.

Each element, water – blood – fire, each have a heartbeat that pulses within us and within the earth which we live in. We worry about its physical power but forget the spiritual power that reaches deep into our primal selves.  These elements remind us that we are not gods.  We cannot let greed dictate us, we need to go back to our natural selves and begin to see what we are doing as a whole – a spiritual whole and begin to work, clean up and restore equilibrium to our world, that WE all NEED to have. is soon here, where fires will run rampant.

*deep sigh*


Ignorance: An Expansion

From the previous blog “A Brave New World”, In view of oppression, the majority of the action has been largely supported by those who are ignorant. Ignorance is a far worst pain than oppression. People remain closed minded, not given the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of their culture and follow the dogma in action against a minority of people with supremacist attitudes.

Blissful ignorance causes deep scars to the psyche of the person, his/her soul, the mind and the whole of self. That by far is worst than silent or open oppression. It weighs heavily on the heart and mind, most are not aware of it. Wondering what could have been or wishing for the moon instead of taking a foot forward and experiencing the world as it is.

Definition from the Merriam-Webster: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. Pretty much self-explanatory.

Oppression: definition from the Merriam-Webster: 1. a : unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power b : something that oppresses especially in being an unjust or excessive exercise of power; 2: a sense of being weighed down in body or mind : depression. Ummm, interesting.

Ignorance by itself is depressing anyway.  How can ignorance be oppressive?

Ignorance is the oppression of self, the willingness to not live in the real world as it is.  Most of the time people who ‘know’ are often ignorant because the ‘knowledge’ comes from within rather than an accumulation of life’s experience upon one’s self.  Knowledge should be not the end but the beginning and the continuation of one’s life as they go through every stage.

Ignorance is not only limited to self but also intentional oppression of resources and information available to others in the community.  Those who know will foster ignorance just because they can.

So is ignorance a good thing or not? Is it fun to oppress or to be oppressed?

Which Do You Want?

The truth or the lie? I do not mean ‘Truth or Dare’, a simple game that can bring laughter or anger, depending the intent of the game. This goes beyond a game, to a larger game that has pushed one domino onto another, a cascade follows. What happens when we reach the end?

“Should one fear the truth that lies behind the lies?” A thought. It is like opening a can of worms when the truth is finally unmasked. Why are we so relieved with the lies that we are willing to perpetuate, rather than accept the truth. Do not people realize that half of the world lives the truth – possibly more, while the other half keeps the lies going on and on until the lies blow up in their face. Truth is painful but is honest. Lies may not hurt, but the ultimate goal of lies is to cover the ignorance, an individual ignorance of the entire world, that lies on it.

What weighs heavily on my mind lately is how can the representatives continue to perpetuate lies by people who do not experience life the way a certain populace does. How can the majority continue to believe the lies when they have lived and experienced being at the side of a populace. Why the minorities continuing to accept the lies when they know the truth. Perhaps this complex concept of truth and lies lie deep within the human psyche.

Can one open their eyes to the lies to seek for that glimmer of truth… a glimmer of truth that remains a fact, one cannot live another person’s life without pain and clarity.  Being different is a pain; however, it is a greater pain to live someone’s life that is not one’s own. We were made to be different through different schools of thoughts: religion, evolution, spirit, biology and so on.

Why is it assumed that the ‘caretakers’ (I mean this in a negative light) can answer what they do not know. If they answer for the ‘children’, does it constitute as a lie? Why is it then the ‘children’ find the truth, that they run to it as a moth flits to a candle?  After the light (truth) is shown, the ‘children’ continue to be oppressed or set aside because the ‘caretakers’ continue to perpetuate the lies, leaving truth hidden so the others do not know and be honest in their actions. What shackles are we bound to? The truth or the lies?

I just now noticed something.  Truth.  Lies.  Do you notice something unique about each? Truth is a singular word whereas lies is a plural.  The truth is a flame, buried deep in each of us (the light in the tunnel if you will), one that covers our being while the lies are like mosquitoes (not my favorite insect) stinging or like leeches sucking our bloods (not even that therapeutic).  We fight so hard to keep that truth alive in us that we forget to bond…

Yes bond, through our differences, that each kernel of truth of common knowledge and spiritual strength can weave through energy, love, hope to touch one another….

Can we take that truth out of us and make a fire?

the Dividing Factor

I was at a conference some time ago, a few of us got to talking about some stuff and the topic of division came up. Biologically, we are divided up based on geography, environment and social interaction. The heavily categorized divisions that take place in our world now is strongly influenced by those who do not like being different from others. I can understand academically dividing in terms of studying what makes us tick, but to divide us in terms of being different is morally, ethically and basically ignorant.

Dividing through societal activity is discriminatory, segregationist and allows the egocentric ‘superiority’ group to feel that they are above and better the ones ‘below’ them, when they are, in fact, just the same as anyone else.

Let’s take being deaf here. Being deaf is actually a natural part of being human. Why is that different from being a white person? Why divide ourselves on basis of how much we can hear? Being deaf is a naturally occurring part where a diverse range of hearing loss is applied. Because some one can hear better or talk better than one does not make that one person superior to the other. Maybe you think so, but think about it… does being deaf define the whole?  If a deaf person doesn’t speak English but signs ASL and a deaf person who speaks English but doesn’t sign ASL, who would have better communication skills?  Both or neither. It all weighs on the person’s background, first language proficiency, family dynamics, use of tools, acceptance of self and so on… who said being a human is not complicated?

From this complication of being a human, we learn from those who are dominant in societal divisions that it is the right way to do it; when in reality, it makes it worst for us. By nature, we seek those who are like us in many ways: language, traditions, values, or religion. No one is better than the other, no.matter.what. When we gather, we find where our skills contribute best to the group.

Do you know that even as a white person, I may have similar characteristics as a black person?  Or a hearing person could be as deaf as I am? How about an Indian (Asian) whose accent is as bad as mine? So how are you going to divide me? On basis of my being white? On basis of my ability to speak as fluently as a hearing person can be? How do I divide myself when all that I am is the essence of being human?

It had been some time since I last wrote this draft until today so recently I had a conversation with a friend. I do appreciate my friend asking me, really. I was asked when my kids go over to their house for visiting or playing with the kids, that my kids be exposed to sign language or spoken language. Most the family is fluent in sign language, some not so much, but can still communicate. I tried to be honest with myself and my friend, I said I would prefer sign language, especially if my husband and I were around. If we’re not, prefer to have sign language in use half of the time.

My friend said that the kids are hearing. I acknowledged that; however, they are mine and they have the right to have access to both languages. Besides they may be hearing but they are their own person. Like I said to my friend, “You are hearing, but you are Doe*, why divide yourself because you are hearing?”

Those who come from a background similar to mine will find a huge struggle in self because all of our lives we are told we can do anything but there is no guidance or confusing messages all across the board.  To tell you the truth, those divisions become confusing the more I do research or talk to people. The lines of cultural courtesy and linguistic boundaries have become blurred that our next generation will be lost and their roots wild.

Going back to the conference, I talked to a lady after an event; really she was hounding me with a bunch of questions – really good questions. One was ‘why did they accept me?’ because she learned that the deaf community is divided on issues and basically her background is not rooted in deaf but in hearing culture. She only just learned ASL 2 years ago and is in love with it.

I told her that there were several factors to that. “Your family did not make a big deal about you being deaf; they saw that you needed accommodations or resources and they provided you that and more just by accepting who you were.  You are confident in self despite some nervousness about your signing ability – you showed the community that tonight at the event, they saw that and complimented you on your bravery. Not many children have the opportunity you have (as well as another student), the opportunity to develop yourself with out barriers and divisions based by society. Many children who are deaf will be told by families, teachers, organizations and whatnot that they HAVE to be ‘hearing’, thus oppressing the self and making it very difficult to be comfortable wherever they are and with their self.”

This article talks about the ‘classless’ yet we see obvious divisions going on; on a much broader scale.

Do you divide yourself or do others divide you? It is like taking the heart and brain out of my own body and expecting me to survive incomplete.

“I can get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and my family can look at me too and that’s all that matters.” ~Lance Armstrong

*Name not given for privacy purposes.

A ‘New’ Deaf Culture, a Oxymoron/Misnomer as it is…

I have a difficult time in deciding whether the “New” Deaf Culture is an oxymoron or a misnomer. It shall be an interesting thinking process.

An organization states that there is a ‘new’ deaf culture. Also “Doing Deaf Differently”, ummm. Do you realize that deaf people, their community, language and culture has been assigned ‘new’ by a society that continues to oppress nature? I do not see any ‘new’ Black culture, ‘new’ Jewish culture, ‘new’ Asian culture or ‘new’ American culture.

Why are those people so dead intent on saying ‘new’, ‘new’, and ‘new’?  Technology. What is “Doing Deaf Differently”? Oh, yeah…technology.  Let me tell you, the song is way too old, it begins before I was born. History repeats itself, once again and usually it repeats itself long after a few generations have passed on by. Sadly, that natural rule has been broken.

Technology, the ‘miracle’ and bane of our global society. Let me tell you a tiny little fact…. its existence is a…. tool. That is all it is. Technology is what allows me to use this cool and neat blog website to post my thoughts irregardless if people read, listen or just plain say – ‘she’s a old nut.’

So what is that ‘new’ and ‘Doing Deaf Differently’ have to do with technology? I really do not have to bash this old stuff over and over again so I will make a simple point. The little tool that allows the deaf to ‘hear’.

Whooo, whoo, jumping for joy, clapping hands, high fives, hooting … really? I am being sarcastic here… a tool that the organization makes a big deal out of being deaf; never once even thought about the Whole Person – i.e. Human.

We are all fundamentally humans. No. Matter. What. It is the human diversity so designed by nature that has allowed us to populate the world (to a choking point), manipulate our environments, attempt to become the other person – not self, debate and make war, if there is no love to be had.

So what is this ‘new’ deaf culture? What are we doing any differently compared to other subcultures that enables us to be unique once again? We are already unique – we are a minority with a disability that has allowed us to have a culture and language adaptable because we are…again fundamentally humans.

So the ‘new’ is actually an ‘old’. Just a ‘new’ way of naming something that has been around since ancient times. Honestly, that’s typical of humans, to rename something that has been old, instead of addressing the whole. Typical, typical.

Renaming the old, instead of addressing the whole? Let me explain something to you that nature has given us, well a story then I read about some number of years ago… There were Africans in the South of Africa trying to bleach themselves so they can be ‘white’. I can totally understand the political/social viewpoint (typical Europeans) of being ‘White’. Thinking about the biological aspect, why do you think Africans do not have skin cancer? People! The problem does not lay with the skin color – the problem lays with the political/social viewpoint of ‘other cultures’.

Technology. Is. Just. A. Tool.  Yes something we cannot live without so are we prepared to live without technology? Build adaptive skills? Acquire multiple modes of communication? Commune with nature? Make love, not war in order to survive? Think about it. For me, technology is not all that; yet has made it much efficient to communicate, which is neat ya know.